She’s back to it!

I’ve been a little ‘off’ the past few weeks. Papa John got back in my life along with his friends Mr.Cadburys and the inventor of cakes. In other words, I have eaten everything I possibly wanted and more. But it needs to stop. I refuse to re-gain any of the weight I have struggled to … More She’s back to it!



I have been making these muffins since my first week at slimming world. I never thought I would be able to have something so delicious on a so-called ‘diet’. However with their strong banana taste and generous drizzle of peanut butter there is no going wrong! Now I have to be honest, these are not … More Muffins!

Give it a go!

Anybody who knows me knows I am happy to try just about anything when it comes to a cheat meal. By cheat I mean a slimming world or diet version of something generally delicious and calorific. It could be pizza, pasties, pastries, burgers and so on. Now, nobody can make a perfect slimming world pizza … More Give it a go!

Perfect Poach

  I have never been able to make a good poached egg. I have tried spinning the water, putting vinegar in the water and even using those little rubber cups you can get at the shop. Every time they fall apart or are raw in the middle. But that was until somebody at work told … More Perfect Poach

Moroccan lunch.

So nobody can deny that the food range in M&S isn’t amazing (although a little overpriced). However on top of the hefty payout there are also the hidden syn values. I decided to treat myself after losing 3 pounds this week and went for the ‘Moroccan Spiced Butternut Coucouc Salad with Roasted Carrot Dip’ thinking … More Moroccan lunch.