Don’t forget to syn the snacks!


Sometimes you just can’t get from meal to meal without your stomach grumbling. My main troublesome time is around 11:30 when it’s not quite lunch time yet but I had breakfast over three hours ago! So of course, being Slimming World, I can eat! None of this starving until lunch business that some eating plans force you to do.

So, if like me you need a pick-me-up at certain hours of the day then these are my favourites:

No.1 is pretty obvious for anybody who has ever tried to eat healthy. FRUIT! All fruit is free on Slimming World and most of it is speed food. Sadly, apart from nectarines, most of my favourites aren’t speed but that’s not the end of the world. I can still eat bananas and blueberries until I turn in to one!

No.2 the famous freddo! No longer 10p (as you’ve probably heard). But while they may cost a little more than when I was a kid, they are still only 5syns per bar which for a slab of cadburys chocolate shaped like a frog, I can’t complain.

No.3 Now please give this one a chance. As someone in my Slimming World group often says “You have to embrace the inner cottage cheese!”.

Luckily for me, I absolutely love the stuff and if you like it plain, then its syn free. But it is nicer if it’s made a tad more exciting so for a syn free sweet treat just add some chopped pineapple. Or if you prefer savoury then some garlic and mixed herbs. Either way it’s free and delicious! Just watch out because the flavoured cottage cheese’s you buy in the shop aren’t always free!

No.4 The famous hi-fi bars! Personally, the lemon ones are my new favourite but honestly, I like all of them. Everyone seems to have the one they prefer so just stick to those! As long as they have the word ‘light’ underneath the brand name then they are 3syns or you can have two for your Healthy Extra B each day (they’re fantastic for breakfast alongside some fruit). If you don’t want to dish out 5 syns on a chocolate bar then a hi-fi is the next best choice. Only downside is you can only purchase them if you attend a weigh-in group.

No.5 Now on to my very very very favourite! ICE CREAM!

When I joined Slimming World I thought it would be the be all and end all of ice-cream for the foreseeable future. BUT BOY WAS I WRONG! While you can have free ‘ice cream’ by freezing a muller light with a spoon in it, it’s just not quite the same. So these mini crunchie ice-creams are my summers treat. At only 3.5 syns each!!! Just make sure not to eat the whole box at once.

No.6 And the grand finale! The best discovery! Not only do I absolutely love Mars bars but add some ice-cream to it and there are no words left to describe these things. At 7 syns each they are beyond worth it! Just make sure to check the size of the bars because the big ones are 9 syns but the mini ones are 3 syns.



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