Give it a go!


Anybody who knows me knows I am happy to try just about anything when it comes to a cheat meal. By cheat I mean a slimming world or diet version of something generally delicious and calorific. It could be pizza, pasties, pastries, burgers and so on.

Now, nobody can make a perfect slimming world pizza for less than 20 syns, it just doesn’t exist unless you are only going to eat the crumbs. So when I started to see people using chicken breasts as bases and pitta breads as bases I tried them. They were okay, not great but then I saw the cauliflower base and it sounded like it would be delicious and crispy. THINK AGAIN LUCY!

So here are a few meals I have tried and adapted to make Slimming World friendly and how well they worked out.


No1. Pancakes.

These are so far my biggest success. Zoat Pancakes they are being called. They may be packed full of courgette (one of my most disliked vegetables) but believe me, you can’t taste them and they make the pancakes all big and fluffy! You can top them with anything. I often top with either frozen fruit or make it american by having bacon and using some syns on golden syrup. 9/10

No2. Hot Dogs

I tried using many low fat sausages and found most tasted like cardboard. However and very surprisingly, the SW own sausages from Iceland are very meaty and taste like an average sausage (minus the grease). Put in to a roll which you’ve used as your healthy extra B, make some SW chips then bulk it up with loads of syn free coleslaw (carrot, onion, cabbage, fromage frais) and you’ve got a delicious and naughty feeling meal! 8/10

No3. Pizza

I had to try this. I’d heard about it previously and then it was mentioned in my SW group. Now. Let me tell you. Unless you like mushy omelette that tastes like cauliflower mush then you will not like this, regardless of how much HEX A or syns you use on cheese. I thought it was foul and would much rather use a million syns on a pizza hut or dominoes then face the consequences! I will be sticking to using pitta or wraps for pizza bases from now on. It can have a 2/10 because I like cheese. 2/10

No4. Korma

I’ve never liked spicy food and so when it came to curry I always ate Korma. However once I started SW I begun to realise that almost every korma was packed with cream and coconut cream so almost out-of-bounds when it came to making it low syns. So, being me, I just have to find an alternative and one came along pretty quickly. I think (don’t quote me) in the SW magazine for June there is an amazing chicken and mango curry recipe. It’s creamy and warm and doesn’t blow your head off! I’ve made it a few times and each time it gets better and better. If I could give it more than 10/10 I would.

No5. Pulled Pork

It’s the ‘in’ thing at the moment and I can understand why. I enjoyed it before SW and still enjoy it now I’m trying to lose weight. I have always run away when someone has mentioned a slow cooker before. I really don’t like stews or anything that means cooking meat in sauce so it goes tender but when pork was mentioned my ears pricked up. The recipe is super easy and is all over the SW website as well as many other blogs. Leave it in the cooker for 8-12 hours (great when at work but not great in a rush) and then it’s done! I normally have mine with some SW chips or veg. (The boyfriend likes his in a massive roll with chips and mayo!) 8/10


I hope this helps! I will be posting the recipes here and there (but most you can find through google).



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