Celebratory alcohol!

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Birthdays have always been a big celebration for me. I’ve never been somebody who goes crazy at Christmas or who eats loads of eggs at easter. For some reason though, I’ve always found an excitement and need to celebrate not only my birthday but the birthdays of those close to me.

So when it came to August and my boyfriends birthday it was time for me to celebrate! (And him of course). We plan loads for birthdays and always have a big long list of surprises lined up for the other person. This year he took me to Dover to see the white cliffs and to get a message at a beautiful spa.

But this month it was his turn. So of course I began the planning and we started at the beginning of the week.

One problem with birthdays and Slimming World.


They are involved in almost every aspect of a birthday celebration. We go out for meals, eat while enjoying shows or films, drink on a night out with friends which usually leads to a dirty kebab or pizza. Cocktails are my favourite but the Slimming World plan doesn’t support them all that well. All in all, I knew this week would be an arse on the scales. By arse I mean the absolute ballooning of my own derrière!

I’ve had a fantastic week so far:

  • Dinner out with the man and his family.
  • Loads of presents for him to unwrap.
  • Huge pile of pancakes with bacon and syrup.
  • Out to camden for a big dinner (lots of meat, cheese and cocktails)
  • More cocktails in the bars.
  • Lots of drunk snack foods following the evening.
  • Outdoor cinema with, you guessed it, more alcohol and popcorn.
  • Naughty dinner no.2
  • Surprise day out followed by Pizza Express.
  • And last but not least, a night out with friends with LOADS of alcohol and probably a dirty kebab or pizza.

Poor Slimming World and my poor waist line.

However I want people to learn from this. It’s your choice. I could have done less of these things, my boyfriend wouldn’t have had such a good time and I’d have been skinny but starving after choosing the terrible low fat choices on any menu. Instead we’ve both really enjoyed ourselves, I’ve bought myself a food diary and I know I will be back on to healthy eating and exercise starting monday.

I don’t feel like I’ve ‘ruined’ anything, especially not any sort of eating plan.




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