She’s back to it!

me and daniel edited

I’ve been a little ‘off’ the past few weeks. Papa John got back in my life along with his friends Mr.Cadburys and the inventor of cakes. In other words, I have eaten everything I possibly wanted and more.

But it needs to stop.

I refuse to re-gain any of the weight I have struggled to lose over the past few months. If this means calling things to a halt and starting again then so be it. So today I dragged myself out of bed and went back to group. I’ve drawn a big fat black line under all my previous weigh-ins and I am going to count this week as week one. It’s time for me to get my act together and get to that final goal that I’ve been aiming for since I first realised I had to bury myself in the racks of clothes just to find my size at the back.

I’ve bought he new recipe book. I’ve re-read my original starting pack.

books edit

Nothing stands in my way.



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