Start at the very beginning…


Like most people that join weight loss groups there I was, striding in the doorway determined to step on those scales and accept my fate. Except at twenty three I definitely did not expect the number that popped up. Now I have always been chubby. Even in pictures from being a toddler I always had the chubby rings and now, twenty years later, I have still not managed to get rid of them. But I decided that in march 2015 it was time to change all that!

Slimming World was the route I decided to take. I had heard that you could eat so much you exploded and still lose weight. Like most people, even after reading the little booklet they give you in group I still don’t understand it. But it works!

So here is my blog. Just me trying to lose those pounds while constantly feeling full (or stuffed on some occasions) and eating delicious food! While it may mean cutting down on the Crunchie bars and instead having a 3syn HiFi bar, I am going to enjoy this trip by making good choices and eating flavourful dishes.

I hope you can tag along!



3 thoughts on “Start at the very beginning…

  1. Hi Lucy,
    Welcome to the wonderful world of food blogging! I hope you find it as fun and rewarding as I do. Looking forward to reading more of your posts!

    And thanks for stopping by, and now following my little blog, Stay tuned for more great food, wine & spirits adventures. Coming up this month: what’s new at the farmer’s markets, my favorite wines for summer, road to trip to Oregon for a cookbook shoot, plus heaps more fresh recipes all season long!
    Thanks for reading!
    Cheers! Tanya (a.k.a. whiskandmuddler)


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